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Meet Kirsten

Kirsten is local to Austin and has been a bad-ass photographer for a few years now. She is a lover of tattoos, traveling and completely obsessed with Jurassic Park (in fact, she had her own wedding at Kualoa Ranch, where they filmed the movies - how rad is that?) She loves to tell the love stories that she sees through her incredibly artistic eye.


Dani splits her time between Houston, where she lives with her husband and pups, and Austin where she goes to school at The University of Texas. This chick has a degree in Nuclear Engineering (whoa!) and a minor in Arts & Crafts (just kidding… sort of). With a camera and good vibes always in tow, she loves hanging out with rad couples while documenting the love they share for one another. Her eye for moments is incredible and her connection to her art is one you don’t see often.