Andrew + Ren | North Shore, O'ahu Wedding


Where do I even start. From the time Andrew and Ren contacted me about their dreamy Hawaiian wedding I just knew that this day was going to be filled with one incredible moment after another. We connected over our shared love for Strawberitas and that was pretty much all the confirmation we needed that we were going to be a perfect fit!

They are two of the most loving souls that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Their energy is one that grabs you by the hand and invites you into their world with so much love and acceptance. I was there as their photographer, to capture their moments, but I felt as though I was there as a friend and as a part of the family that they had surrounding them on this incredible O'ahu mountainside.

"Looking back on that Saturday in Pupukea, the tone was set immediately by a dip in Sharks Cove with my friends right upon waking up. The water was calm, cool and crystal clear. We swam out to Three Tables and sat in the tide pools and meditated on what was to come. As we were leaving the pools a beautiful eel with yellow and grey markings slithered by--I took this as a lucky omen.

Later that day about two hours before the ceremony, the sky greyed and I could see sheets of rain pulling our way from Haleiwa. It looked like it would possibly be a rainy ceremony. I took a minute to sit by myself and pray to the rain and ask it to please stop--and it listened!

Through out the day little things like these kept falling into place miraculously by way of nature and I couldn't help but feel it was the spirit and soul of the 'aina and my ancestors helping us along.

Most memorable though, was seeing all of our friends and family joined together for us on the sacred land. It was truly moving to see people come together who hadn't spoken or seen each other in years, to see people that despite their injuries and ailments made it down the rocky trail, to see people who traveled from Paris, Japan, Los Angeles, New York and Hawaii to join us on our wedding day. It felt that much more special to share that day with all of them and I know Andy and I were so grateful and moved by all of their presence as the sun set." - Ren

"Waiting for Ren on the bluff looking over Waimea Bay, I had some time to contemplate to myself. I looked out at all my friends, family - people who flew so far to be with us. The moment had finally come after a year of planning. It was an emotional and spiritual moment for me where time felt fluid on the heiau. At some point I looked up and saw my best friends walking down the aisle and I tried my best not to start leaking tears everywhere. Actually, to be frank, I tried not to cry the entire ceremony - especially when Sam, our officiant, was singing his marital hymn to us. Kristen caught a couple of those faces of mine.

After the ceremony, I'll never forge driving in Kristen's car to the reception area after taking bride and groom photographs. The sun was slowly coming down and large flames from the bonfire were billowing up into the sky. I heard Chances With Wolves spinning Brazilian Funk records and Ren & I looked at each other, both smiling, a sigh of relief that we made it through all of this. And it was time to celebrate." - Andy