Tatiana + Victor | Sunset Cliffs, California

I absolutely love it when a couple is willing to go on a mini adventure with me all for the sake of great photos!

Tatiana and Victor started their love adventure all the way back in middle school! I mean, that is just where the adorable-ness starts. They have been together ever since.

"We have watched each other grow. We always dreamed of getting married and on August 30, 2015 he proposed!"

Victor and I went went to Balboa Park with our friends around noon and supposedly we had a reservation to eat at El Prado by 4pm, so we had a lot of time to waste by walking around Balboa Park. We walked over to the fountain where I saw a big group of people which I thought was just a big group of people who were on a school field trip. As we were walking towards the fountain and closer to the group of people I realized that it was both of our families and all of our friends Then... they pulled out a big sign that said "Tatiana WILL YOU MARRY ME?" And I looked over at Victor and he got down on one knee. It was such a beautiful moment I loved that he had both our families there to share the special moment.

Many say that love is the greatest adventure, and I couldn’t agree more.  Sometimes magic happens when you take a little risk to step out of your comfort zone. To Tatiana + Victor: I hope that your marriage is filled with incredible adventure and wild, fearless love.