An extraordinary photography experience begins begins before I even place the camera in my hand. It is built by getting to know you, and creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and fun at the same time. I am like another member of your family... you know, the crazy aunt that always has her camera with her. I want to be there to capture the moments that make up your life. The laughs, the big bear hugs, the real moments. All of the moments that, when strung together, tell a beautiful story - your story.

We have these beautiful images that tell a story of one of our favorite adventures on this island. I cannot thank you enough for them and cannot wait to put them in a beautiful album to have and look at all the time!
— Brittney
I am still blown away when I look at the photos. She was a delight in our home and my kids loved her! We are a family of 7 so things get pretty crazy. She rolled with everything and captured each of my kids’ personalities.
— Kristin
The experience was more than I could have asked for. She was great with my boys, even my super emotional ones who were not excited about being photographed. She then created the most wonderful, emotional images that I will cherish forever.
— Sarah
Kristen is an AMAZING photographer. Her calm demeanor made the session so much more comfortable. She edited the photos quickly, which impressed me... but what impressed me more was that she didn’t edit out the natural flaws on my belly.
— Megan