When I first started my journey to becoming a photographer, I read blogs, purchased eBooks, stalked photographers that I wanted to be like (ok, maybe not stalked) and did everything that I could to increase my knowledge. While I was in school, I was able to learn about so many aspects of photography that I would have never been able to learn via YouTube, I worked under a couple of mentors and I value that experience more than anything.  I was able to see things from a whole new perspective from the business side, shooting techniques, to even what I wanted out of this craft.

I by no means feel like I am an expert at photography, business or life in general.. but I am an open book and a teacher at heart. I want to share with YOU what I have worked so hard to learn.

I am now offering mentoring sessions. It’s so amazing & humbling to have other photographer asking questions and it is such an honor to be looked to for advice.

Life is full of challenges,
let go of what you cannot control & focus on what you can.

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Starting at $500

Mentoring sessions are the best way to dig deeper into the areas that you want to work on the most. Do you need to gain a new perspective to give your images and edge? Do you need to define or perfect your style in editing? Maybe you want to learn some business related things? We will spend 2 hours together covering one or two topics of your choice and go over your photography goals.

These sessions are customized to your needs based on what you feel are your strengths, weaknesses, & goals. You will leave feeling refreshed, excited, & confident to start the next step in your business. There are a few packages to choose from based on your needs, get in touch and we can discuss more about what would be the perfect fit. Mentorships start at $500