Storytelling sessions are about so much more than the perfectly-posed family photograph.

It's about documenting the true relationship, the connection that we share with our loved ones. It's the hug that a daughter gives her dad, arms wrapped tight around his neck as if she'll never let go. It's the ten tiny toes that are brand new to the world. It's the look a mother gives her son - a growing young man who takes her breath away in the most random of moments. It's the way a husband walks beside his wife with his hand pressed ever-so-gently on the small of her back as they watch their children run from the ocean waves. It's the soon-to-be graduating teenager who cannot stop smiling as she anticipates the near future. It's the sheer happiness of a little one over a piggy-back ride from his older brother. It's the way a mother brushes the hair out of her daughter's face before wrapping her in her arms and holding her tight. It's the quick, gentle, but passionate kiss a mother and father share while their kids are not looking.

These are the moments that make up a life. These are the moments that, when strung together, tell a beautiful story - a legacy. And these are the moments that, years down the road when you ache for times gone, these photographs and pieces of life will bring a smile to your face as you remember exactly how it felt.


I offer one package starting at $500. This is more than just a family photo session, these are one of a kind pieces of art created for your family.


The $500 creative fee includes:

+ Up to two hours with me, at the location of your choice. You will enjoy time with your loved ones, and I will photograph all of the details. Some direction from me when needed but these sessions are about you. Your details, your routines, your connections with your favorite people.

+ 25 beautifully hand-edited images of your choice from a private online gallery

+ Professional quality print products available for additional cost

+ 50% retainer due at booking