Lifestyle photography sessions are designed to depict a day in your life doing what you enjoy with the ones you love.  Whether you’re going on an adventure or telling a story of day at home, a photography session like this is sure to be full of emotion and fun.  The greatest part about these sessions is that they are unique to you.  The key to planning your session is to incorporate activities, ways to interact.

If you’re feeling super adventurous, use this photo opportunity to learn something new!  How about renting some paddle boards, snow shoes, or off-road vehicles?   Some of the most exciting sessions get people to break out of their comfort zone.  Think back on your own favorite memories.


 Always wear clothing you feel comfortable + confident in.
Layer up, especially when working outside.
Bring multiple outfits.  There’s no silly limit to the numbers of time you can change your outfit here.
Coordinate clothing with others.  Think complimentary colors and tones.
Avoid busy patterns.  These can be distracting in photos.



Embrace the short attention spans, grass stains, and dogs licking your face mid-frame.  These portraits are not about everyone sitting up tall and nailing the perfect smile at the camera, they’re about your silly awesome life.  Let the kids be kids and their personalities will shine through the photograph.  

Years from now, these images will bring the biggest smile to your face, I promise.

After your photo session you will be able to view your best images through a private online gallery.  From here, you can download, share, and print + display them.  I’m a firm believer in printing photographs and beautifully displaying them on your wall, a constant reminder of these good old days.


Here is a list of some fun session ideas...

Brewery Tour
Cooking over a campfire
Planting a garden
Rock/tree climbing
Climbing a mountain
Ice skating
Boating, canoeing, kayaking
Baking + decorating cookies
Day in the life at your home
Fishing/Ice fishing
Cross Country Skiing
Trip to the beach
Laying lakeside
Building a fort
Pillow fights
Hot air balloon rides
Flying kites

Pregnancy test reveal
Announcing the pregnancy
Baby bath
A long walk
Movie night
Game night
Trip to the library
Attending church or a church event
Ice cream or sweet shoppe
Sweet tea on the front porch
Celebrating a milestone
Family trip or vacation
Tea party
Back-to-school shopping
BFF love
Host a dinner party
Adoption day
Family tradition


Haunted houses or corn mazes
Backyard BBQ or picnic
Berry picking
Rainy-day puddle play
Apple picking and pie making
Visiting the farmer’s market



Be yourself! Together, we will plan the perfect session for you!