The Traveling Dress

“Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without traveling.”
― Roman Payne, The Wanderess

It is no secret that as women, we have all been redefining our place in this world. It becomes increasingly clear that we have a choice in how we present ourselves. As photographers, it is our job to present truth and the beauty within it. There is a push and pull between our desires, our responsibilities, and expectations placed upon us by the world. It is tempting to simply throw up our flag of surrender and convince ourselves that these limitations are not all that important. However, they are.

If your hope is that this group of all female photographers wanted to bring you a pretty girl in a pretty dress, then you have come to the wrong place. Those that truly display strength and femininity inspired this project. Too often we are told that beauty is quiet, non-confrontational, and looks like something none of us understand. However, this project stands on the notion that you cannot be feminine if you are not strong, if you are not brave, and if you believe that beauty cannot exist with

The Traveling Dress Project is unique insofar as it provides a voice without speaking. It plays on the idea that silence is no longer our limitation. You are welcome to gaze upon these pieces and realize that silence does not exist for us. We will speak regardless of who is listening because out strength radiates through mediums. And while Louisa May Alcott may claim “Let us be elegant, or die”, we say that is bullshit
because we create our own elegance.

I want to thank all of the participants in the group for their creative expressions of power and femininity. Michelle Fernandes Fox, Abi Kent, Taylor Lange, Kristina Yamamoto, Jasmine Abbey and Brandy Britton. And Mariona from Mimetik BCN for the donation of the stunning gown. 

Kristen Giles
Houston, TX - photographed in Joshua Tree National Park, CA


Michelle Fernandes Fox
Toronto, Canada


Abi Kent
Vancouver, BC



Taylor Lange
Houston, TX


Kristina Yamamoto
San Diego, CA


Jasmine Abbey
O'ahu, Hawaii


Brandy Britton
Tucson, AZ


Kings Canyon National Park

giles 6.jpg

The cold earth slept below

By Percy Bysshe Shelley


The cold earth slept below;

Above the cold sky shone;

And all around,

With a chilling sound,

From caves of ice and fields of snow

The breath of night like death did flow

Beneath the sinking moon.

The wintry hedge was black;

The green grass was not seen;

The birds did rest

On the bare thorn’s breast,

Whose roots, beside the pathway track,

Had bound their folds o’er many a crack

Which the frost had made between.

Thine eyes glow’d in the glare

Of the moon’s dying light;

As a fen-fire’s beam

On a sluggish stream

Gleams dimly—so the moon shone there,

And it yellow’d the strings of thy tangled hair,

That shook in the wind of night.

The moon made thy lips pale, beloved;

The wind made thy bosom chill;

The night did shed

On thy dear head

Its frozen dew, and thou didst lie

Where the bitter breath of the naked sky

Might visit thee at will.

Taken with a 4x5 view camera in the Sqeuoia National Forest, California. Thank God for my husband who carried that bad boy through the snow, literally uphill both ways.