I'm Kristen. I am a native Texan and I have spent the last seventeen (yes, seventeen) years traveling the states with my Navy husband, and our two beautiful little girls. I love adventuring in new places, hiking (the more dangerous the better) and really hot yoga. When I am not outside exploring new places, I am probably having a giant cup of coffee watching nerdy documentaries at home with my girls. Creatively, I am driven by the emotion within the moment. I love organic movement, touch and connection between my subjects.


I have always been a little rebellious and a lot impulsive, especially as a teenager. In fact, when I was 18, I met James and 6 months later we eloped. Hippie elopements in the woods weren't a thing back then, but getting married in a giant, fancy church with hundreds of people watching wasn't really my thing. I was crazy in love and ready to fly off to a new life with my husband. So, just like that, we did it.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have ONE, I repeat ONE photograph from that day. I have very little to show our girls from the day we said "I do". I don't regret eloping, in fact, elopements are among my favorite things in the world, but I do wish I had photos from that special day. (want to see that photo? check out the "personal" hi-light on my insta-story here)

But that's okay, I got you. Whatever your day looks like, however big or small, let's make sure you have beautiful, authentic images from your day fifteen, twenty, sixty years from now.