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I want you to have the photographer of your dreams, even if it’s not me. I want us to connect from our very first interaction because that’s how I ensure that your experience feels like your best day ever. If we don’t connect, that’s okay! This experience is about you.

I truly believe that photography is a form of visual storytelling. I want you to look back at your images years down the road and remember exactly how you felt in that moment. Instead of focusing on perfection, I focus on feeling and connection.

about me


I have always been a little rebellious and a lot impulsive, especially as a teenager. In fact, when I was 18, I met James and 6 months later we eloped. Hippie elopements in the woods weren't a thing back then, but getting married in a giant, fancy church with hundreds of people watching wasn't really my thing. I was crazy in love and ready to fly off to a new life with my husband. So, just like that, we did it.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have ONE, I repeat ONE photograph from that day. I have very little to show our girls from the day we said "I do". I don't regret eloping, in fact, elopements are among my favorite things in the world, but I do wish I had photos from that special day.

But that's okay, I got you. Whatever your day looks like, however big or small, let's make sure you have beautiful, authentic images from your day fifteen, twenty, sixty years from now. 


a few fun facts


+yes, i got naked in joshua tree just for fun
+i have been married for almost 18 years
+i am married to a sailor, so i have developed a pretty foul mouth. it is what it is. don’t worry, I can reign it in.
+i lived in hawaii and california before moving back to texas in 2017.


+i love all music, but if you play drake at your reception i will 100% be dancing while taking photos.
+i once did a session at the top of the stairway to heaven on oahu < it was really hard but totally worth it.
+coffee and succulents are my love language


+i can’t close just my left eye, so you might see me looking like this photo above while I shoot. my friends make fun of me about it all the time.
+i am a rulebreaker by nature and i am really great at hopping fences so…

All images above taken by Taylor Elizabeth Photography, Ali Takes Photographs + Toria Mohr Photography - Videography by Andrew Rizer.


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 good vibes

Q + A


Do you travel? and do you charge a travel fee?


Absolutely! My passport and hiking boots are packed, where are we going? I love to travel and adventure, so if you are planning something awesome - let me know and we can discuss any travel costs that may be associated. I plan several trips every year, so I may already be headed to your area (check here) and no additional travel costs would apply. I'm kind of like a rock band on tour.


Do you have insurance?


Of course! Many venues require that vendors have insurance, if yours requires something specific let me know. But I've got a solid insurance plan ready to go.


Who will be the second photographer that is included in my wedding package?


I work with a small group of photographers in the Houston area that have a similar style to my own. My second photographer will depend on who is available on your wedding date, but every singe one of them are incredibly talented. The second photographer is usually determined at least 2 months before your wedding.


How would you describe your photography style?


As you have seen throughout my website, most of my work focuses on the emotion, connection and the feeling of the day. I am not into cheesey-super-posed images or pretend smiles. I want REAL. I want you to look back at your images and feel the feelings all over again. Of course I will include any group or family shots that you want, because I know how important those are for Mom and Grandma-but most of the day will be spent capturing your day as it happens.


When will we get our images?


After your wedding day, you will receive a 'sneak peek' within a week to share on Facebook and Instagram, I know our family and friends are dying to see. I then take my time carefully editing your photos and will deliver within 8 weeks! You will have barely made it back home from your tropical honeymoon and unwrapped all of your wedding gifts. For engagement and portrait sessions, typical turn-around is 2 - 4 weeks from your shoot date.


Do you deliver raw files?


The short answer, no. I totally understand that you may want to edit your photos yourself, or have a friend edit to save money, but delivering a RAW image would be delivering an image that is not complete. Every image that you see of mine has been edited to fit my vision, my art. That is what you fell in love with and that is what you are hiring me for.


How do we book you?


It's pretty simple. Send over a completed contact form so I can get some details about you (I respond really quickly). Then I will send over a booking proposal with a contract - a 25% retainer is due to secure your date - and BOOM! you've got yourself a wedding photographer.